Album: The road that never ends

The road that never ends


1. Instant Boogie (Patrick Van Daele/ Lode Demetter)
2. Mustang Sally (The band)
3. My love tell me (Lode Demetter)
4. I wish (Patrick Van Daele)
5. Don't say maybe (Patrick Van Daele)
6. I'm a man (Patrick Van Daele)
7. By the time (Lode Demetter)
8. I miss you (Patrick Van Daele)
9. The road that never ends (Patrick Van Daele/ Lode Demetter)
10. Bad Feeling (Patrick Van Daele)





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Vocals by Lode Demetter
Guitars by Patrick Van Daele
Bass and Keyboards by Matteo Pawlowski
Drums and Percussion by Emilio Detemmerman
Recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Patrick Van Daele
Recorded at Draaipuntstudio Oudenaarde